First Memberships Now Available!

It’s hard to even begin to get into all that has happened in this past month. In short, Foster has gone from an idea to brick and mortar in only weeks and we couldn’t be more excited about the day when the doors will open on our new space.

Foster’s big goal is to build small batch collaborative working environments all over Atlanta. We want to be in the areas where the creative citizen already lives and is rooted. Our reasoning for that is simple: we believe the community is just important as the profession.

We want to be the incredible work space for the incredible people it serves. The kinds of individuals who are chasing after their passion and long for a place to be surrounded by others doing the same.

These spaces won’t be designed for the masses, they will be intentionally crafted to serve the creative professional and self-starter in a way that brings consistency, inspiration, and challenge into their every day lives.

Our first location will house 15 of these individuals. We are thrilled to announce that today we are officially accepting inquiries for memberships. If you think that Foster would be a great fit for you, please take a few minutes and fill out some info for us over here. We will follow up with you shortly.

So starts our journey together.

Cheers Atlanta!

p.s. - if you don’t already, follow the progress of our space on Instagram