music for your monday

Start your week off with a little pep in your step. Here are a few songs that help us get over those Monday blues. 


always waiting - benjamin booker

infinite cities - the bright light social hour

true affection - father john misty

kisser - step rockets

don't wanna fight - alabama shakes

keep on shining - curtis harding

everything infinite - wunder wunder

mother of lies - j.d. mcpherson

swim & sleep [like a shark] - unknown mortal orchestra

hummed low - odessa

Open & play in Spotify --> START IT RIGHT

what is failure

We want to begin this by saying that we definitely don’t know it all or even claim that we do. We are simply sharing things that we’ve learned through Foster and other experiences. This whole life and work thing is a process and it takes a long time to get it right. As our good friend Sean says, “the pursuit is happiness” and we believe that wholeheartedly.  

Nothing worth doing in this life comes without a sizable amount of risk. It may not always be financial, but there is always something at stake when we move into uncharted territory. The level of uncertainty may change but during these times there are always a few things at play that will determine our endeavor's success. One major element is our viewpoint on failure.

Everyone has heard a failure quote:


"Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try Again. Fail again. Fail better."~ Samuel Beckett 
"Failure provides the opportunity to begin again, more intelligently." ~ Henry Ford
"The fastest way to succeed is to double your failure rate." ~ Thomas Watson Sr.
“I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work.” ~ Thomas A. Edison


It’s an entirely different thing to fail on our own though because when it's ours, we think that means WE are the failure. I was raised with the understanding that failure is something to be avoided. The less failure I had the better I was. But what happens when I'm not equipped at all for the task ahead or I just simply want to experiment with a new project? How can I succeed at what I don't know? So when I know what I have to do and literally every possible road has nothing but signs that say, "caution failure ahead" I just become paralyzed. 

Is the potential for missing out on what may be possible greater than my fear of failure?  Almost always the answer is yes.  Everything in me says to stay comfortable, but if I truly want to grow, then I have to move forward into the unknown.

We should really start viewing failure as a checkpoint along the way to success.  

Experience has taught me that I learn the most when I risk the most. There is more satisfaction in achieving 50% of a seemingly impossible goal than 100% of a comfortable objective. 

We have to get to a point where we realize that who we are is a process and we won’t change if we never leave behind what is safe. Our work will continue to be the same, our relationships won’t deepen, and our lives and work will become a cycle. 

Recently we set out to raise $50,000. An ambitious goal for a company with only 3 months under our belt. Spoiler alert, we raised $16,350, but guess what WE RAISED $16,350!!!! Of course we wanted to reach our goal and we tried our very hardest. It was a hard 24hrs after the fact but all that we learned, the people we connected with, and the money we did raise put us so much farther ahead than we would have been without it!

Hi, my name is Phil Sanders and I'm a failure.

Hi, my name is Phil Sanders and I'm a failure.

If we can honestly change our perspective on failure we will be much more successful in what we pursue; and also rid ourselves of a really unnecessary fear. 

Each day decide to embrace failure, because ultimately failure is inevitable; let it work for you instead of limit you

Be brave folks. Be brave. 

join us for a day!

Foster has been just bursting at the seams for the past few months. Ever since we launched in the middle of September life has been kinda a good way. We are so incredibly thankful for the way our community has surround us and become invested in Foster. 

We pretty quickly realized we were going to outgrow the 2,000 sq ft we had leased and, lucky for us, there was another space in the building that went we snagged it! For you! We are excited to say that in addition to Foster offering desk space to a long term members, we now offer daily spots as well!

foster daily pass

Foster is now able to host 20 people on monday - thursday for only $20 a day. Coffee, high speed internet & great work environment are all provided and you'll be surrounded by incredible people! There are incentives for the more days you come and you can find those out by applying to be a day passer! Our first day is on Monday [17th] so let us know if you'd like to spend some time with us soon, cuz we sure would like to have ya!

apply here!



First Memberships Now Available!

It’s hard to even begin to get into all that has happened in this past month. In short, Foster has gone from an idea to brick and mortar in only weeks and we couldn’t be more excited about the day when the doors will open on our new space.

Foster’s big goal is to build small batch collaborative working environments all over Atlanta. We want to be in the areas where the creative citizen already lives and is rooted. Our reasoning for that is simple: we believe the community is just important as the profession.

We want to be the incredible work space for the incredible people it serves. The kinds of individuals who are chasing after their passion and long for a place to be surrounded by others doing the same.

These spaces won’t be designed for the masses, they will be intentionally crafted to serve the creative professional and self-starter in a way that brings consistency, inspiration, and challenge into their every day lives.

Our first location will house 15 of these individuals. We are thrilled to announce that today we are officially accepting inquiries for memberships. If you think that Foster would be a great fit for you, please take a few minutes and fill out some info for us over here. We will follow up with you shortly.

So starts our journey together.

Cheers Atlanta!

p.s. - if you don’t already, follow the progress of our space on Instagram